The Parliament of Kurdistan Government nechirvan gives confidence to Barzani

05/04/2012 16:33

Erbil 5 April (aknews) – the Kurdistan Parliament grants at its held Thursday confident new Government nechirvan Barzani headed.

Kurdistan Parliament held an afternoon routine meeting to vote on the new Government. The new cabinet members were sworn in.

Correspondent Kurdistan News Agency (aknews) that voting session attended by kosrat Rasul, Deputy Chief of the territory, representing the President Massoud Barzani.

Also attending the meeting as well as to the members of the new Government of Prime Minister Barham Salih territory ended its Deputy Prime Minister Azad Berwari and several Ministers.

Before the voting began as MP for from the list of "harmlessness" "ask the new Government to fulfil its promises and work to instil confidence among all forces and parties in the region".

From: Yassin Al-Rubaie. Pen: Morteza Al Yousef