Iraqi industry signs memorandum of understanding with Shell to develop petrochemical industries

05/04/2012 17:59
Baghdad, April 5 (aknews) – signed by the Ministry of industry and minerals Baghdad Thursday a memorandum of understanding with shell global construction giant petrochemical industries through utilization of associated gas and oil product.

Industry Minister Ahmed alkerboli during a press conference held after the signing of the memorandum signed today a memorandum of understanding the Ministry to create a giant petrochemical project in industry leading to run a large number of Iraqi labour and exploitation of gas, leading to the production of basic materials for petrochemical projects such as plastic pipes and other, this project enjoys great interest. "

Alkerboli said that "the Ministry of industry to keep pace with the evolution in increasing oil production capacities." "These increases will lead to a significant increase in gas production of electrical energy production sufficient need and would use surplus in petrochemical industry and contribute to the diversification of primary industry in Ministry of industry".

In turn, the Regional Director said of shell Hans nikamb during the Conference that our company contributed to several projects in Iraq these projects will help Iraq economically evolved and create jobs for Iraqis. "

"We discussed with the Minister of industry projects Petro chemical depends on the product of natural gas in the South of the country and this gas will support industry in Iraq. Time the possibility of developing petrochemical industries through the new project ".

From: weighs Al-shammari. Pen: Morteza Al Yousef