Kirkuk invites us companies to invest in and Al-Maliki is increased provincial powers

05/04/2012 11:01

Kirkuk 5 April March (aknews) – called on the Governor of Kirkuk, US companies to go and keep contributing to development and make it a model for reconstruction and construction and vital projects, to serve as a magnet for investors and County visitors, confirmed that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has promised to present a Bill to the Iraqi Council of representatives to give additional powers to the provinces.

Official notification of the Agency maintained deler Samad news Kurdistan (aknews) that "the Governor of Kirkuk, recently met in Baghdad with a number of officials of the Iraqi State and US Ambassador to Iraq, to discuss the realities of maintaining and upgrading projects and services and a Renaissance architectural large serving all sons of Kirkuk, alongside discussions on local elections and resolve problems between Kirkuk and certain ministries, and ways to improve the relationship with service to all residents of Kirkuk."

"The Governor met in the beginning of his visit to Baghdad by us Ambassador James Jeffrey and Iraq during the meeting considering the conditions of Kirkuk, Kirkuk management's efforts and its development and improve services maintained reality along with efforts in the area of convergence of views, and joint action to achieve understandings on the holding of local elections in the province."

And between Samad "during a meeting called on the Governor of Kirkuk, US Ambassador, US companies to go and keep contributing to development and make it a model for reconstruction and construction and vital projects which will be attractive to investors and County visitors".

Information official said that "the Governor also met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki," said that "the meeting was important as an understanding of the situation expressed Maliki Kirkuk and promised to meet the needs of maintenance and support and overcome their problems and support orientations of management".

He stood up saying, "the Governor of Kirkuk, Najmuddin Umar Karim said Al-Maliki pledged to submit a Bill to the House of representatives to give additional powers to the provinces."

It also met with the Governor of Kirkuk during the visit, President of the Iraqi Council of representatives, Osama alngivi encounter search security and political situations in Kirkuk, Iraq, Kirkuk in particular, emphasis was placed on the importance of local elections.

Karim talks continued in Baghdad, where he also met with Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani and Kirkuk were on a relationship with the Ministry of oil and the NOC, and work to improve and develop to the benefit of all cities and sons of Kirkuk governorate.

He said the meeting aimed to remove obstacles and develop the relationship between Kirkuk and the oil Ministry and work to improve the functioning of the NOC and increase production and create jobs for the County and its graduates, along with dealing with the establishment of modern Kirkuk refinery, which is one of the most vital task of Kirkuk projects that will be implemented in coordination between the Department of Kirkuk and the oil Ministry. "

And also met the Governor of Kirkuk during his visit to Baghdad and met with Ministers and Government officials, the Minister of Finance Dr rafaa Al Issawi to remove obstacles in the question of payments within the conservative share albetrdolar customizations, and work to overcome obstacles and ensure smooth arrival at Kirkuk share financial allocations, and secure payment of the purchase of electricity for conservation, and discuss issues that contribute to the development of the work of the service and the development of institutions of the Ministry of finance circles in Kirkuk.

From: Abdullah Al-Amri, pen: meet zangana