The PKK warned Baghdad: our call to resume exporting oil last call

05/04/2012 09:59

Baghdad, April 5 (aknews) – the Kurdistan Alliance said Thursday that call for the territorial Government on the resumption of oil exports is his final appeal to the Federal Government but stressed that this appeal will be awaited in Baghdad's warning that its obligation to reimburse oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region.

Kurdistan decided to halt all oil exports from April 1 to protest the non-payment of receivables for foreign companies operating in the oil sector in the region.

The territorial Government says that Baghdad pay up to 1.5 billion dollars in dues to the oil companies produced in Kurdistan, while Baghdad agreed last week to pay only $560 million.

The Kurdistan Alliance bloc invited yesterday at a press conference in Baghdad, the Kurdistan Regional Government to resume exporting oil again as a goodwill gesture.

Deputy Speaker saadun Mohsen cluster of news agency of Kurdistan (aknews) that "the appeal to the Federal Government that the solution still exist and so don't say the Iraqi people by the general concept that Kurdistan is at fault".

Saadun said that "our invitation to resume exporting oil corresponding invitation to apply the federal budget law", saying "call his advocacy that won't be long overdue." Referring to stop exporting again that did not meet Baghdad request financial payments.

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani said Monday it will subtract what harm to Iraq due to stop Kurdistan for oil exports from the territory's budget, stating that the procedure would study by the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of oil.

Saadun said that "if it relates to the interests of the Iraqi people, presumably to interested in Baghdad with the reasons clearly corporate payments and why they were paying previously (...) We don't know yet the reasons for non-payment of the receivables ".

But members of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy from National Alliance confirmed that Baghdad's refusal to reimburse companies operating in the territory due to the lack of clarity in the Ministry of natural resources shall be treated in the region with the Federal Government.

Committee Member said Baha Hadi (aknews) that "disagreement between the Central Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government is due to a lack of transparency and clarity in the issue of the export of oil from the region and adopted some Norwegian manufacturers."

"The Federal Government believes that there are loads of oil produces more quantities exported and pledges of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government or the oil Ministry was not aware of the fate of those quantities of petroleum and up to 50,000 barrels per day."

"The payment of amounts owed the Federal Government owed to foreign companies must be no answer of the Kurdistan Regional Government on the fate of the oil producer."

Kurdistan Regional Government called on the Iraqi Government to establish a Joint Committee between Arbil and Baghdad to investigate mutual accusations between the two sides on the smuggling of Iraqi oil.

The call came after accusation point to Kurdistan to Shahristani smuggling oil to Iran and Turkey which rejected and denied by politicians and officials in the territory.

And owns Kurdistan fictitious 45 billion barrels and the territorial Government began after 2003 by subtracting the oil fields to foreign investment.

Opinion former oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr Al-Ulum that "solution in the dispute between Kurdistan and the Federal Government turned to political asylum to the Constitution."

Ulum said for (aknews) that "the consensus on the draft law of oil and gas is necessary at the current stage to end controversy over oil wealth management."

The Federal Government does not recognize the oil contracts signed by the Government of the territory with foreign energy companies and says it's illegal, while Arbil prerogatives that Baghdad is trying to focus on the management of the oil rich in hand at the expense of the territory and the provinces.

Tension rose on this file between the two sides over the past months after contract signed between the Government of the territory with the US giant ExxonMobil for petroleum exploration in Kurdistan Federal Government reacted angrily to the draft of law added oil and gas was passed by the Government of Baghdad but Arbil objected strongly.

These differences should not negatively affect plans to increase oil production in the country in the coming years.

By: Haidar Ibrahim. En: Abdullah Sabri