Barzani announces the formation of a High Commission to discuss differences with Baghdad

Thursday, 05 April 2012 18: 44

Twilight news/ President of Kurdistan region Government نيچيرفان Barzani, Thursday, on the formation of a High Commission to resolve outstanding problems with Baghdad, stressing at the same time granting broad powers to the provinces.

And granting the Parliament of Kurdistan in its held on Thursday afternoon, trusted by a majority of votes of the Government نيچيرفان Barzani.

Barzani said in a speech after Parliament Trust grant attended "
twilight news" was "to form a higher Committee for negotiation with the Government of Iraq to resolve outstanding issues between the two Governments."

"The new Government will grant all powers to the provincial Council and the fight against all types of territory of corruption and strengthening legal authority".

Vice President Government Kurdistan Emad Ahmed earlier broad outlines of the Government's seventh Squad, seeks to develop rules and financial oversight and integrity and fighting corruption, as well as trying to find a solution to the problems with Baghdad.

Seventh Regional Government consists of Vice Chairman Democratic Party Chairman and leadership نيچيرفان Barzani in Kurdish National Union and seven Deputy Ministers from the democratic ideals of the Union and the rest distributed components and the Kurdish parties represented in Parliament as Turkmen and Christians.

Nechervan Idris Barzani also stressed "the importance of the development of towns and villages in Kurdistan, and send all services for citizens."

He warned Barzani "Ministry of health not to repeat what happened in the former Ministry of health and non-corrupt drug distribution to citizens."

The three opposition leaders boycotted change Kurdish Islamic Union and JI alkordstanet voting sessions.