Kurdish feared the return of the displacement and deportation of Kurds outside the territory

Friday, 06 April 2012 11: 06

Twilight news
/make alkordstanet, Friday Coalition blocs, parties did not destabilise Russia sought to stir ethnic and national prejudices that might lead to displacement and deportation of Kurds outside Kurdistan.

Deputy Coalition blocs mohama alkordstanet in an interview for "Halilşafak news" that "there are statements stemming from the hatred some people entrenched inside the chauvinist representing former system methodology, we fear them and we are a culture that does not leave these people."

Khalil warned, which he called "schema importer behind the border stands behind regional States seeking to implement their wishes by targeting Kurds in Iraq through deportation and emigration."

Coalition Secretary General Abbas almhamdaoi algeary sons of Iraq, Tuesday, called in a statement not to exchange any financial benefits of Kurdistan, Kurds do not allow entry to any province of Iraq without a license, and to leave those in the governorates of Arabic nationalism.

He Deputy Coalition blocs alkordstanet that "the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani caused foil oil and electricity in the file, this did not save him but deliberately to make statements might lead to the partition of Iraq and lack of security and stability."

Khalil called on "all parties to show restraint and not allow themselves to be dragged along behind the statements and escalation against Kurds, aimed at fomenting sedition and ethnic prejudices".

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein Shahristani held a press conference with oil minister Abdel Karim to would, Monday accused the Kurdistan region by non-payment of oil sales amounting to six billion dollars, while oil minister Abdel Karim for oil sales would not submit to the territory, the Federal Government amounting to five times the value of the receivables claimed territory.

And lied to the Government of Kurdistan, Tuesday, in a statement received "twilight news" copy charges, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani territory on oil export file, described the charges as baseless, stressed that the territorial Government file with oil production and export in accordance with the Constitution and law of oil and gas in the region and the agreement with the Federal Government