Kurdistan Iraq: Exxon is committed to oil agreement

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Reuters quoted a statement posted on the website of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq that the CEO of us oil giant ExxonMobil company agreement renewed commitment with the semi-autonomous region of oil.

There is a long dispute between the Central Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the control of oil in the North of the country and increased anger Baghdad after the announcement in October last year on an oil agreement signed between Exxon and Kurdistan.

Baghdad has threatened to deprive Exxon from competing for contracts again and she would also consider the role of the Corporation in a giant project in the South of the country.

He said a statement posted on the website of the Presidency of the territory overnight that Massoud Barzani, head of Kurdistan met with Rex tylerson, Executive President of Exxon during a visit to Washington.

The statement said tylerson reiterated commitment the company contracts with Iraqi Kurdistan and Iraq, and expressed the readiness of Exxon to continue working in the territory.

Baghdad said Monday that Exxon had frozen in the Kurdish region. The territorial Government has denied that

Iraqi oil minister Abdel Karim would 17th March past the Iraqi Government received a letter on 5 March from major u.s. oil company Exxon Mobil Corp. says that the company froze its agreement with the Kurdistan region.

The US company had raised anger Baghdad, "Federal Government" while signed exploration agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Central Government is what it considers to be contrary to law.

He told Reuters on the sidelines would a press conference that the Iraqi Government has not cancelled its decision to exclude ExxonMobil of the next round of licences for oil, which will be assessed by Baghdad.

He said Baghdad could change its position within a few days if Exxon has provided further clarification of its decision.

Earlier this month the Iraqi Government spokesman said a few days ago they gave Exxon to explain its position on oil agreements signed with the Kurdish region.

The Kurdish Government announced in November that it had signed an agreement on six concessions for exploration with a major oil company Exxon first dealing directly with the Kurds in northern Iraq.

The Central Government said that the agreement could jeopardize Lacson contract to develop the West Qurna oil field 1 giant in South Iraq.

Exxon spokesman declined comment.

When asked for the press conference would comment on the attitude of French company total said in February that it was studying a possible investment in Kurdistan he said French through a translator that Iraq does not accept allow companies to sign bilateral agreements with the regional authorities.

He said that Iraqi oil production would reach 3.4 million barrels per day by the end of the year and days after production exceeded three million for the first time in more than three decades.

He said exports would amount to 2.6 million barrels per day by the end of the year and production is 10 million bpd by the end of 2017.

Exxon shares closed high 35 cents or less than one percent to $ 82.73 in NYSE securities.

ExxonMobil announced America's commitment to oil, oil contracts signed with the Government of Kurdistan,

She does not wish to be a split.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of said company Rex tilrsn in the annual assessment of Exxon Mobil "in New York, United States that" the company declares its commitment to all contracts concluded with the Government of Kurdistan and the Iraqi Government, despite recent request cancellation of their contracts with Kurdistan."

Tilrsn said that "the company is committed to Western Qurnah oil contracts with the Iraqi Government," he said, adding that it "is also committed to contracts signed with Iraq Kurdistan region Government".

Tilrsn pointed out that "Iraq suffers from many internal problems and is trying to find appropriate solutions," he said, adding that "the company wants to be a catalyst for solutions and not to divide Iraq."

This development comes at a time when the Iraqi oil Ministry, sent four letters to ExxonMobil u.s. demanding clarifications about its contracts with the Government of the Kurdistan region, Iraq has so far not issued any penalties against the company and still awaiting an answer, where the Ministry Committee on oil and energy company warning of foot on agreement with the province, because the differences between them and the Ministry for oil on the company because it was needed to abide by the terms of agreement with the Ministry of oil