Washington was reluctant to supply Baghdad with more advanced American weapons

Date: Saturday, 31-03-2012 07: 14 pm

Translation: Ammar Mohammed Kazem

Iraq won a series of rockets and sophisticated systems for aircraft of the 36 f-16 which bought recently to strengthen the Iraqi air force, but Washington is still reluctant to supply Baghdad with more advanced American weapons.

U.S. officials say that the existence of strong Iraqi air force with offensive weapons could raise concern among the neighbours of Iraq until nine years after the overthrow of the deposed regime in Iraq kept some Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia Arabic concerned the evolution of the Iraqi air force and even the Kurds in Iraq expressed grave concern from the type of weapon you want Baghdad to obtain.

Maybe it seems other factors that made Washington concern also is the rampant official corruption, especially when it comes to defense contracts and continuing threats to sectarian bloodshed were also factors behind American reluctance.

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