Kurdish threat ...The fragmentation of national unity

Date: Sunday, 08-04-2012 07: 42 pm

Majed Zidane ssabdula_(at)_yahoo.com

Secretary's remarks raised sons pool that threatened Iraq algeary by Kurds living in Baghdad citizens and southern governorates, expulsion and death if he did not leave the locality outside the territory a wave of anger and political.

Badr organization has declared her innocence and demanded his trial being racist and incites passions raised to kill Kurds, Kurdish Alliance announced its intention to sue the President gathers sons of Iraq algeary Abbas almhamdaoi because his terrorist, other forces also denounced.

Indeed chauvinistic rhetoric and trying to provoke inter-ethnic strife, sister and single people like Al-Qaeda attempts to provoke sectarianism and failed in their endeavour, they perpetuate the dispute between the Centre and the territory and sustain.

Extremists in any direction and affiliation meet among themselves and they fit and participate in their quest to append more harm our people understand but don't they turn to malicious goals. what means whatever ugly not governed by principles and values, not even a scientific and realistic thinking.

Such statements affect national unity and trying to demolish and destroy and pose a threat to peaceful coexistence between the components of the Iraqi people and as his fever and Kurd ... ...Etc and it came for organizing milshiaoi outlaw constitutionally prohibited and thus stripped of duty of the State and its organs which is under the protection of its nationals.

Can not pass these threats without accountability and account firstly should announce that this regulation is prohibited and secondly its members wanted to eliminate what had let it, will be prosecuted according to the law on combating terrorism.

This racism run-off were part of a campaign to ship Kurd and Arab Street against tearing national cohesion and dividing Iraq and create ethnically pure areas do not promote the country never, in any way, they are in the course of the enemies of Iraq.

Beware of complacency with waltmahl, if an attack occurs it will frighten and puffed from Muscat to our people to make it slide to a new war.

Hardware security measures necessary to prevent any crime against our Kurdish city, and popular actors and other civic organizations are invited for condemning such remarks and statement by gravity rather than Kurds but for all nationalities.

The threat of murder and filtering for the settlement apart from imposing view on others, alias Ned method from the arsenal of the black, and that dictatorship is terrorism and a threat to democracy and the constitutional order.

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