Faleh in effect accuses government of trying to dominate the country's monetary policy
Saleh: «rumor» dismissal Shabibi affect our performance .. Known as a democratic and independence

Side of the offices of the Central Bank before the opening of his dealings with the public (archive)

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The central bank, Sunday, for the news that benefit the Government's intention to dismiss Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi "rumor" influence on his work and the level of his performance, noting that many of the independence of state institutions, including the central bank knew invented the advanced democratic countries does not mean exclusivity of the decision.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed's "Twilight News", "addressed by some news media's intention to dismiss the government's central bank governor Sinan Shabibi is a rumor that affect our work, and make us able to develop our performance."

He added that "officials at the Central Bank are members of the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers and Central Bank shall provide advice to the government constantly, and works in coordination with them in formulating monetary policy in Iraq."

On the book the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers directed to the Central Bank, which obtained "Twilight News", a copy of it, and which should the Iraqi Central Bank to refrain from adopting any law on monetary policy without the consent of the Council of Ministers, Saleh said, "I have been out of Iraq was not briefed in person on this book. "

The "Twilight News" received yesterday the first on an official document issued by the General Secretariat of the Cabinet showing the inventory of the financial policy of the country in her hand, while the expected MP Sabah al-Saadi to be dismissal of central bank governor as a plan of government for "hegemony" on the independent institutions.

Saadi told to "Twilight News" "The book is directed by the General Secretariat of the Central Bank confirms what we went to the former government, a dominance of the central bank to begin the second step after the removal of a Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi."

According to the document, which is a formal letter, it should be on the Central Bank of Iraq not to adopt any law on monetary policy without the consent of the Council of Ministers.

And Saleh, said that "the independence of some state institutions, including the Central Bank of the case of a civilized and sophisticated esteemed advanced democratic countries, but this does not mean that the central bank alone, without coordination with the government."

For its part, criticized the parliamentary Finance Committee Wednesday, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and its attempts to dominate the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq and curbing the powers of the province, noting that it is a violation of the Constitution and a threat to the Iraqi economy. A member of the Committee Faleh force, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Council of Ministers wants to engulf the monetary policy within its terms of reference also adopted some of the failed policies as the services and the delivery of electricity and some aspects of other service," adding that "there are attempts to interfere in the work of the Central Bank as an independent body responsible for formulating monetary policy of the Republic of Iraq. "

He said in effect that "there is a new book released by the Secretariat addresses the governor that he can not draw the monetary policy only through the decisions of the Council of Ministers, and this is to involve and overcome the new Constitution and monetary policy," stressing that "if the government interfered with monetary policy, there will be major threat to the Iraqi economy and the looming independence of the powers and independence of the bodies indicated that the Constitution and the duties of each of them. "

He described the effect that "This book is a great violation and override the public money, and a first step to overcome the foreign exchange reserve is located in the Central Bank, as the confidence of the world monetary policy and the Iraqi economy based on the size of this reserve."

He added that "the government is blatant interference in this section," explaining that "some of the decisions of the Federal Court is right when she said that the central bank is linked to the government on the management side, but the Central Bank Law says that the bank is directly responsible for the monetary policy of the country." The Federal Supreme Court issued on 18 January last attachment to a decision to independent bodies referred to in the Constitution Iraqi prime minister directly, and not under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives.