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Baghdad (AIN) -MP Ahmed al-Masari of the Iraqiya Slate stated that "Withdrawing confidence from the PM Nouri al-Maliki will be the last option in case the National Meeting fails to settle the current crisis."

Masari said to All Iraq News Agency AIN "Withdrawing confidence from Maliki is a project which is being considered within the political blocs behind the scenes," noting that "In case the National Meeting failed to reach a compromise, the only option we have, is to call the Iraqi National Alliance to substitute Maliki for another character to occupy the Premier post and forming a new government to including all the Iraqi components."

He added "The State of Law Coalition is the only bloc which denies option but the rest blocs are working in this direction."

Some media outlets have reported that "Some political blocs in the Parliament are trying to withdraw confidence from Maliki as a first step to settle the crisis."