Analysis: the future relationship between features of Kurdistan and Baghdad

13/04/2012 09:29

Amsterdam, 13 April (aknews) – intellectuals and writers have put in track the crisis between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and future implications, results in a escalating our neighborhood and features cool sometimes.

The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani to abide by the Constitution by political blocs, not the internationalization of political crisis, stressing the need to resolve internally, criticising the lack of implementation of promises and dedicate the authorities but one person, during a speech at the Washington Institute for Near East policy "for research.

While a source close to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the directives of the Supreme political leaders to remain silent about the crisis with Kurdistan to preserve historical relationship collected of Shiite and Kurdish parties.

And political crisis erupted between Baghdad and Erbil recently against the background of the Territory formally stopped oil exports to protest the non-payment of receivables to foreign companies operating in the territory.

Says Iraqi writer and journalist on the spring meeting features future relationship between the parties according to the data of the current political circumstance, that the relationship between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government since the fall of the previous regime oscillated in 2003, much less than in previous phases.

Spring is for speaking to the news agency of Kurdistan (aknews) path relationship was sometimes appear to be free of conflicts, but in other unfold these conflicts and wedded to a clear picture.

But spring make sure that the Kurdish people in the enjoyment of federalism that will achieve stability.

Describes the current stage as "critical," particularly since neighboring countries are racing to interfere in internal affairs, and should unite efforts for the unity of Iraq.

However, Jawad Al-shammari media visible in finds for modern (aknews) societal role working basis in determining the fate of the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, and popular role must be activated and the formation of popular social systems to consolidate the relationship towards the higher national interest at the level of the people of Kurdistan, and the whole spectrum of the Iraqi people.

And in this regard calls upon Al-shammari to renounce the elitist, and communications to create a healthy nerve go to achieve an independent Kurdish State, or remain in Iraq one who gives everyone the rights without discrimination on any grounds.

Writer and academic suggests Osama Osman that the existing indicators, and the history of the relationship between the Government of the Kurdistan Federal Government in Baghdad nominate more avoidance and tension, and especially the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani Prime Minister Nour Al-Maliki describes, with the absorption power and orientation towards dictatorship.

But Osman limp while talking (aknews) the importance of restructuring the relationship in all aspects of political, economic, if it was a national consensus.

Excludes Osman at the same time, Kurdish State because local conditions in Iraq and unsettled regional, non-consensual, alarming situation of fragmentation, or fighting, due to extreme congestion and polarization, and us and international terms, specifically, this currently excluded.

According to the estimation of Osman, the American political tend to fit and cooling issues, not Washington contained deep and dangerous files open on what stability.

He was President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said in a speech at the Washington Institute for Near East policy research "," we didn't strive at any time behind the revenge, where we wish to open a new page with all parties, and our lasting security, stability and therefore, many foreign countries seek to establish trade relations and investment in Kurdistan. "

But Kuwaiti writer did not see albosairy fuhaid modern l (aknews) predictability easily future relationship Baghdad, Erbil, because there are many economic and political factors shaped the nature of this relationship, and the oil comes on top of these factors.

"This relationship will depend on the mood on the future role of oil as the primary source of energy, over the deepening democratic practice in Baghdad, and on the nature of political relations between States which share the Kurdish territory as Turkey and Syria and Iran and Iraq, and also over the nature of democratic practice in Erbil".

And follow by saying "notes of these interrelationships and sometimes contradictory to say that the stability of the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil is unlikely in the long run, but will see sporadic periods of calm depending on contradictions between these interlocking factors, meaning that as brothers Al-Kurd that must play on ropes fatigued!".

Researcher finds and Professor in sociology Dr. Qassem Hussein Saleh said Arabs should recognize the fact that Al-Kurd, an ancient nation that they participated in the making of the history of the region, and they recruited psychological revolution in the homeland, and protected by a concrete right to the establishment of a democratic State cannot interfere in the Affairs of the Arabs or Persians or Turks.

But writer and member of the Centre for the development of EU Mohammed Valley describing what happened from disagreements between Arab politicians and the Kurds in the recent period that the product is normal to install reciprocal rights looking for place also believes all those natural both angle.

He says that the new Iraq seemed clearly drained or relative problem of terrorism and now it's time to install benefits has branched out and overlapped and mixed since April 2003 and as result she cut natural dictatorial rule and disqualify it before this date.

Find Valley any relationship between the relationship of Peninsula in Baghdad and Erbil as they were during the era of the deposed Iraqi regime.

View the Kurd in the New Testament form an integral part of the Government and the House of representatives and an essential part of the resolution of domestic and external, taking place in natural humanitarian and constitutional Government of Iraq.

The Valley right çáßñï independent statehood that (human right and historical), but as the Valley may be postponed until another, but until that maturity I think that Al-Kurd focus on good terms and acceptable with the Centre.

His writer and journalist Nabil reads qassab speaking for (aknews) relationship between the Federal Government of the territory as a new and different, compared to the relationship then restive with the ousted regime.

He says in this regard that relationship today is a partnership in the national Government and partnership in action and participation in the Government Ministers and Parliament's involvement, but Governments after 2003 between flux in organizing administrative matters and implement the provisions of the conventions and the application of the Constitution, in particular article 140 and the budget allocation from the Federal Government for the territory and oil agreements.

From: Adnan Abu Zeid. En: Abdullah Sabri