Group: threats against Kurd indicator that democracy in danger

Erbil 13 April (aknews) –Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Al-mutlaq, said Friday that threats by the Kurdish political parties towards which has weight component of political, social and demographic evidence of the fragility of the security situation and weaken the prestige of the State, signalling that the lack of deterrent action right to surprising and questions about reasons for silence.

Transfer of a statement issued by the information Office of the Al-mutlak as saying that "these recent threats targeting key national political, social and demographic weight is an attempt to muzzle the mouths".

And local media in April 6 's spokesperson Regiment "9 Badr Abu Abdullah of the Iraqi people Coalition almhamdaoi algeary announcing grace all national areas Kurd Arabic and particularly in Baghdad a week to leave Kurdistan and threatened that otherwise would take up arms against them.

Almhamdaoi said in a statement that "for one week to leave Al-Kurd, otherwise we will take up arms against (President of Kurdistan, Massoud) Barzani and his, and have warned of butting in.

Almhamdaoi returned the next day to claim the Kurds to leave the capital and land Arabic calling making on Visa Visa.

He warned Baghdad that "silence applied to these threats by this volume of dangerous and non-deterrent action against Stern and her perfect very surprising that there were continuous arrests while the right people and innocent people."

He stressed that "thus threatened background political positions opposed to dictatorial tendencies and then silence and failure to arrest her fear is a bad message to the international community that human rights and the democratic process in the new Iraq is in danger and that the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon".

And those remarks chilled strong reactions on the official and popular levels, and demanded a lot of politicians as almhamdaoi accounting seeks not sarah discord between components of the Iraqi people, the Badr organization announced at a press conference in the Palais des Congrès in Baghdad rejected the remarks confirmed that represents almhamdaoi and is not within their organizations.

Baghdad demanded "House call security officials and national attitude to prevent the recurrence of such threats against any community or national or a component of the Iraqi society".

The powerful political clan and in different regions of Iraq denounced those remarks as prejudicial to the Iraqi people in General without affecting a certain category, also called accounting at those remarks as interference in the incitement to violence and terrorism.

Pen: Parwan as Yusuf