Kurdistan participates in global investment conference 2012 in Dubai

12/04/2012 17:00

Erbil 12 April (aknews) – detect source in the Ministry of trade and industry with the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, on the participation of an official delegation from the territory in World Investment Conference in 2012, to be held on May 1 and for three days with the participation of 57 States in the Emirate of Dubai, a statement of its representatives in relations section of the business affairs of the Kurdistan region in the State of U.A.E..

Transfer statement received Agency of Kurdistan (aknews) news copy, the territory's trade representative in UAE shawl choking, as saying that "the Ministry of trade official UAE invitation to the Kurdistan Regional Government, to participate in this annual Conference of this year that 75 States will participate at the level of Presidents and Ministers and senior economic officials, politicians and businessmen and investors".

She is choking off the "territory will participate in the Conference with a number of Ministers and traders", stating that "after the Conference will provide investment opportunities in the UAE, to those States that participated in the Conference".

She noted that "the economic development of the region of Kurdistan, contributed to strengthening the relations of the territory with regional States and the world" banner "this opportunity seriously to strengthen trade relations between the territory and those States".

From: Omar Ali Ihsan airwani, see