13/04/2012 23:15:00
Erbil (NINA) - Head of Kurdistan region, Massoud Barazani, describe arresting the Head of the Independent Electoral Commission, Faraj al-Haydari, and the Commission member, Kareem al-Tamimi, as a flagrant violation and grave harm to the political process.

A statement issued on Friday, Apr. 13, by Barazani's Office quoted him saying that such a decision intends to harm the independence of the Election Commission, and to miscarriage the democratic process through imposing control over an independent institution charged with managing the election process.

Barazani added that Parliament voted refusing to withdraw confidence in the Commission, but it seem that some who are in charge of the government in Baghdad have decided to impose their control over the election process.

He demanded the immediate release of the Commission's head and put a stop to harming the democratic process.

Barazani called on all of the country's democratic forces to take such violations in account before more dangerous events take place.