13/04/2012 21:13:00
Baghdad (NINA) - Spokesman for the Kurdish Alliance, Mo'ayad al-Tay'yeb, demanded the release of Head of the Independent Elctoral Commission, Faraj al-Haydari, and the Commission's Councilman, Kareem al-Timimi, considering their arrest of being "unnecessary and abusive".

In a statement on Friday, Apr. 13, Tay'yeb said, "All know that the IEC was questioned by Parliament, in response to law maker Hanan al-Fatlawi request to withdraw confidence from the Commission, but majority of law makers found that Fatlawi's claim are groundless, and their is no need to withdraw confindence from the Commission." He added that Parliament has renewed confidence in the Commission.

Tay'yeb went on saying that it is strange to arrest the Commission's head and one of its councilmen, while the accusation was against the Commission as a whole.

He concluded that the Kurdish Alliance sees in arresting Haydari and Tamimi unfair and unnecessary, unless there are other hidden reasons related to Iraq's political crisis.

Haydari affirmed that he is being under arrest, along with a council member, at the Integrity Commission's in Kharkh, Baghdad.

In a statement to the press, Haydari said that the aim of his being arrested is to distruct the Commission'a credibility and its integrity.

He said tht the case against him goes back to 2008 concerning the rewarding four of five of the Commission's staff the amount of IQD 100,000/- each, which was within his authority to do so; saying that the court had turned down Fatlawi's accussation.
Haydari demanded President Talabani's interference and Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi.