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Baghdad (AIN) – the Deputy-Premier, Salih al-Mutleg stated that the arrest of the head of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Faraj al-Haidiri and one of the IHEC members over granting salaries for the IHEC employees and leaving the corrupted persons free, raises many doubts over the independence of the judicial sides."

In a statement received by AIN on Saturday, Mutleg said "This arrest assures that there are political motivations behind it," calling the parliament to "Protect the members of the IHEC and stop targeting them."

"There are many corrupted person who stole billions of the money of the Iraqi people and still free," he added, assuring that "Targeting the members of the IHEC and keeping them away from their duties is to avoid postponing their employment in the IHEC where its new members are not nominated yet."

Earlier, the State of Law’s Coalition’s MP Hanan al-Fatlawi revealed that “The Head of the Independent High Electoral Commission Faraj al-Haidiri has been arrested due to charges of corruption which have been aroused during the investigations with the members of the IHEC.”

She stated to All Iraq News Agency AIN on Thursday “The other member of the IHEC Karim al-Timimi has been also arrested on the same case.”

The Parliament decided by the end of July 2011 not to withdraw confidence from the IHEC, except for 94 out of 245 members, the majority from the SLC, White Iraqiya bloc and Taghyeer bloc.

It is worth to mention that MP Hanan al-Fatlawi who investigated the head of IHEC Haidiri has described sustaining confidence on IHEC as a “great victory for corruption in Iraq.”