Iraqi Deputy bloc called free Zuhair Al-araji Committee problem before the Prime Minister to investigate the causes of the high dollar Iraqi dinar comparison to investigate how the 10 companies and banks to deal with the Central Bank in the field of currency even though it is not among the 21 companies issued consent to deal with him,".

He told journalists: "there is information indicating that companies which had dealings with the Central Bank, which got formal approval in this regard is 21 only bank company, but what happened subsequently is the entry of 10 companies and banks from the unknown hand and deal with the Central Bank in the field of hard currency, bringing the total number of companies 31 company."

He added: "that last 10 companies began dealing with the Central Bank after it was officially announced the 21 companies announced by controls within the Bank in a timely manner, these companies today take dollar amounts to a top 1,000 and 129 IQD converted these amounts to these banks and companies re-file in other banks and the offices of an argument, leading to a further increase in the dollar, although the currency drawdowns are large amounts compared to comparability of Central Bank Iraqi economy."

He continued: "the investigative Committee to examine these matters carefully to verify how to enter these 10 companies after completion of the accept dealing with 21 companies dealing in hard currency in accordance with the controls".