Iraq reveals near the sign Convention for the common fields with Iran and Kuwait

Thursday, 12 April 2012 09: 32

Twilight news
/ oil Ministry revealed Thursday, its intention to sign agreements with the Governments of Iran and Kuwait to invest joint oil fields, while stating that they will work in coordination with the States to contract with global companies to extract oil in joint investment between the signatories of the conventions.

And the oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad "twilight news", "the oil Ministry has reached the final stages of negotiations for signing agreements with Iran and Kuwait regarding the joint oil fields in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs".

"Each country neighbouring sovereign right in oilfield investment within its territory, but it is in their interest to work jointly on common fields".
"Geological satellite demonstrates the status of joint oil fields, on the basis the share is determined each party."

Includes 24 2.607 joint Iraq with Iran, Kuwait and Syria, including 15 a productive and other untapped, and highlighted those fields Rumaila and Safwan and Zubayr with Kuwait, crazy and Abu webzrkan and the witty and Western Naft with Iran.

And between Jihad, "the oil Ministry will work in coordination with the concerned authorities in Iran and Kuwait to contracting with foreign companies invest common fields".

Agency "Knight" quoted the Executive Director of the National Iranian oil company, Ahmad Castle Builder "size of crude oil production in Iran currently stands at four million bpd with CLPS v provides for the development of the oil sector to produce five million barrels per day."

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