Currency speculator accuses Central damaged Iraqi dinar

Friday 13 April 2012 08: 48

Twilight news
/ accused Central Bank, Friday, speculators in the currency market by attempts of illicit enrichment by exploiting the crisis faced by some neighbouring States and smuggling currency to harm the value of the Iraqi dinar, adding that the last value for possessing strong US dollar reserves.

Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance for "twilight news" that "the causes of the rise of foreign currency in recent times is the existence of some speculators who exploited crises in Iran and Syria, and they smuggle hard currency".

"We have taken several actions that each of the required hard currency and works in the private sector to submit annual tax disclosure shows economic activity, and also decided to equip the young cashiers in foreign exchange every 15 days so that passengers purchase foreign currency amounts information."

The Iraqi Central Bank sales in its auction to sell foreign currency on Wednesday, rose significantly registered amount of $151 million, compared to 117 million the previous meeting, the exchange rate based on 1166 dinars for every dollar.

She bulletin issued by the Central Bank, received the "twilight news" version, the total volume of demand for the dollar amounted to 151 million and $97,000, covered the Central Bank exchange rate based on total 1166 dinars for every dollar.

Saleh said "no fears of declining foreign currency dinar, to a US dollar reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq".

The Iraqi Central Bank holds five meetings weekly auction from Sunday to Thursday for buying and selling foreign currencies, and earns a Commission on the sale of cash amount for each $ earns a Commission 13 dinars per dollar from the sale transfers outside the country.