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Deputy for Iraq revealing dialogues to form alliances to change the political map and resolve the crisis

Friday 13 April 2012 07: 00


Iraqi Deputy on ongoing dialogues forming new alliances between the blocks to change the political map and resolve the current crisis.

He said independent MP in the full list of each agency Al-dulaimi Iraq [where] "the coming days would be pregnant with surprises and I think it will change the current political map and map of alliances and cordoned off the current crisis and resolution we stress the actual need to find a new political line up to do that."

"These running lineups underway between some unannounced blocks so far but I think what will happen soon will have a very effective role in crisis and in drawing folds strategy common to healthy political process that we don't want to get ahead of events lioad fetus trousseau if expression and now there are efforts and work and continuous meetings."

Dulaimi said that "great pain and injury and lack of citizen confidence in political stresses the need to develop a new vision focused in the interest of the citizen and country because all political differences reflected negatively on the street we want to address things gradually and this is part of the strategic future."

Experiencing a noticeable escalation in the political arena by recriminations especially among Iraqi Kurds from the list on the one hand and a coalition of State law, on the other hand, several files relating to State administration and partnership in decision-making and the oil and cause file Vice-President Tareq al-Hashemi wanted justice and disputed areas and other dossiers.
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