Kurdish advocates the adoption of new mechanisms for national reconciliation

Friday 13 April 2012 12: 02

Twilight news
/ alkordstanet blocks, called coalition, Friday new mechanisms of national reconciliation involving all the political blocs to resolve differences and outstanding issues, calling on the Federal Government to benefit from the experience of the Kurdistan region in the reconciliation between the parties.

Deputy Coalition blocs alkordstanet Farhad Messenger in an interview for "twilight news" that "there are some parties still living in the past and cannot accept the mentality of the current situation of pluralism, democracy and the country's Federal", stating that "national reconciliation between political actors lacking".

"Messenger" truth without national reconciliation between all political parties can move forward and resolve contentious issues, "adding that" everyone is supposed to benefit from the experience of Kurds in reconciliation, as alkordstanet parties issued a general amnesty who took up arms with the former regime."

It was scheduled to take place between the political blocs national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani in the fifth month, however, the escalation of disagreements between the territorial Government and federal counterpart to background charge Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani, on oil export file for it until further notice.

Political observers confirms that blocs coalition and Iraqi list alkordstanet might consolidate their visions about what they insist is the uniqueness of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and not shared with partners in the political process and important decisions taken in the Department of the fateful, marginalization and exclusion of components from the people, which is a prelude to "dictatorship".

Relations between Baghdad and Erbil severe crisis since the resort Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi to Kurdistan, after the issuance of the arrest warrant against him before the Iraqi courts, and subsequent statements and mutual accusations between the two sides on the background of the accused the President of province Massoud Barzani in Iraqi Government towards restoring so-called rule of one-party dictatorship.