Civil Organization: Federal Government responsibility to protect Kurd in Arabic

14/04/2012 14:19

Erbil 14 April (aknews) – the Commission on Iraq Kurdistan's friendship with the people of Iran that the positions of President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani comes from the depth of his faith in democracy and his experiences during past eras, activism, noting that the Federal Government responsible for any attack and an attack on Kurd in Arabic regions.

President of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said in an interview to the newspaper «life» after meeting the US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House that "will be returning to the region to convene an urgent meeting of the leaders of Iraqi political blocs to put all the issues on the table seriously and Frank away from any courtesy, and if rejected Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki attendees or communicate positive, it will in turn his head to the Iraqi Government.

Committee said in a statement that "the Kurdish movement libertarian unforgettable failure of Kings and Presidents promises cut the Kurds are forgotten altogether after sitting on the throne, and the best proof is the lack of implementation of the agreement which was formed by the Irbil Government's current hit him after Al-Maliki flouted."

Added by saying "we refer to the position of Secretary General Abbas almhamdaoi gathered the sons of Iraq to detect evil intentions of Al-Maliki and his aides when he threatened Al-Kurd and tyre in Baghdad and areas with national Arabic weeks for departure to the region of Kurdistan".

More "We applaud the President's position and say that the Kurdistan mountains of Kurdistan and Kurdish people of Iraqi opposition forces have embraced the Karim and subjected to the great risks, and the attack on Al-Kurd and prosecution is completely rejected, devoted only to differentiate the abhorrent sectarianism and hatred and is a blatant violation of the Iraqi Constitution and hold responsible for any aggression and attack on Kurd anywhere with the Iraqi Government and warn them not to provoke the Kurdish people do not think to return to dictatorship".

Pen: Parwan as Yusuf