Economists call for launching an initiative to support mining

Date: Saturday, 14-04-2012 06: 16 pm

A number of experts in the field of economy and development need to launch an initiative to support the extraction of minerals and exportation in the country, making them tributary new economic, referring to «that Iraq needed to establish a National Commission for the development of natural minerals related to the oil Ministry.

Economist and member of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce for rich Hamid (aknews) «the Iraqi Government should take initiative to rehabilitate areas containing minerals, and develop a road map for strengthening the role of Iraq's export of minerals in the next phase.»

He «suggests Government reports and world reserves of Iraq Arabic countries lead, especially phosphate, which is the most abundant in Iraq after Morocco, which requires explicit efforts to develop metallurgy».

He goes to Iraq to be a «diversifying imports and not only support the economy on oil and gas in the next phase, which requires the initiation of effective development of the mining industry.»

In turn, the geological expert and member of the Iraqi Centre for mineral systems and non-oil capacities for Mohammed Jaber (aknews) «Iraq possesses an estimated 5.75 billion tonnes of phosphates, which put him in a second country in the world after Morocco reserve quantity and 9% of world reserves, therefore it is necessary to regulate the export of phosphates abroad».

«we explained earlier to form a body on mineral extraction, however, that the claimant did not find an attentive ear to the Iraqi Government, which calls for Enter the Iraqi Council of representatives».

Jaber said that "Iraq had only oil support 90% of economic needs, and this carries the risk of Iraqi economy structure if oil prices continued to decline to less than 90 dollars per barrel.»

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy also rebuked Shara for (aknews) «natural minerals and particularly Iraq ignored in phosphates, we need laws regulating the process of preserving wealth» hydrocarbons were extracted.

He said «the Iraqi Government believes that these minerals supplements not resources Chairperson supposedly supported Iraq strongly during the next phase in accordance with clear legislative and operational vision.»

And Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain Shahristani» that the Iraqi Government had completed high-level plan of developing the production of minerals such as phosphates and fertilizers.

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