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Thread: CBI Deputy Governor leaves after his resignation

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    Default CBI Deputy Governor leaves after his resignation

    Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq after his resignation leaves

    2012-04-14 17:01:50

    Baghdad (IBA)... An informed source confirmed that the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ahmed Al-Juburi resigned and left outside Iraq.

    The source, who works in the area of banking and is familiar with the work of the Central Bank of the independent press agency (EPA) that al-Jabouri was influential in the Iraqi Central Bank and is responsible for file conversion and movement of banking and to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.

    He noted that al-Jabouri now navigates between the Jordanian capital, Oman and Lebanese capital of Beirut, noting that his resignation was for medical reasons as announced.

    The Central Bank has been criticized because of the continuing low rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar with expert stress that affected the local currency in Iran and Syria as a result of international economic sanctions for smuggling hard currency from Iraq and rising exchange rate.
    "we aspire in the near future to the return of Iraqi dinar to what it was in the seventies and the beginning eighties against the dollar" - Dr. Shabibi

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