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Thread: ECB: rise in dollar against dominant dinar & will decrease in next few days

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    Default ECB: rise in dollar against dominant dinar & will decrease in next few days

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    ECB: rise in the dollar against the dominant dinar and will decrease in the next few days

    Saturday, 14 April 2012 15: 44


    Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance that higher dollar l.d dominant before the Bank will see for the next days significantly.

    Saleh said Iraq Agency [where] every day, "due to the rise of the dollar to dinar was due to regional situations affecting neighbouring countries, this situation negatively, aaert currency market in Iraq increased demand for the dollar".

    "The World Bank recently noted an increase in purchase order forcing dollar to request tax accounting data from traders [tax clearance] but traders tlkawa to pay their taxes because of evasion, therefore they withdraw foreign currency from market leading to lower quantity in the market after increasing demand, resulting in high priced."

    And the benefit that the budget also had a negative impact on the Iraqi market because of its size financial which has led to increased demand for foreign currency."

    He noted that "smuggling currency out of the country as well as the role in the rise of the dollar in the Iraqi market", stating that "smuggling activated after the imposition of economic sanctions on certain neighbouring States".

    The dollar in the domestic market Tuesday witnessed the highest level for almost four years ago dinar, dollar exchange rate IQD, registered higher 1320 90 dinars compared to last week and 154 dinars or more than 13% over the price fixed officially in the Central Bank and is 1166 dinars to the dollar.
    "we aspire in the near future to the return of Iraqi dinar to what it was in the seventies and the beginning eighties against the dollar" - Dr. Shabibi

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