Baghdad/JD/... The parliamentary Economic Committee warned of the exploits auction sale of currency by the Central Bank for bad.

Committee Chairman Ahmed Al-alwani l/JD/"low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in recent times due to several reasons is to exploit the auction sale of currency by the Central Bank for non-noble, in addition to money laundering operations."

Al-alwani said "that the Central Bank is on the Iraqi dinar exchange rate fluctuations and responsible for vigorous lines line making safe Iraqi dinar settled back to its place in the market."

"The economic and Social Commission pursue and oversees the work of the Central Bank, would intervene in time direct and solving problems."

Al-alwani called "Central Bank to new procedures for the identification of those dealing with the dollar and curb speculative market," Yi "a mechanism and conditions make deals with the dollar are strong and recognized by the State as a fictitious names not known companies take advantage of the current status of things not in the interests of the country".

He noted that "monetary and fiscal policies in Iraq need to redo and organization, especially since the country's transition".

Head of the parliamentary Economic Committee "during the coming phase will dinar ante when there are objective study to solve the crisis,".

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