Source: Central Bank Governor left Iraq to attend a conference of the International Monetary Fund

14/04/2012 10:01

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: denied a source close to the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, Saturday, the governor flight out of Iraq, explaining that he went to Switzerland to meet his family, before heading to the United States to attend the consultations for the spring conference of the International Monetary Fund on official business.

He said a source close to the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq news agency Aswat al-Iraq, said the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi "went on Friday to the United States, accompanied by a number of Iraqi officials to attend the consultations for the spring conference of the International Monetary Fund."

The Iraqi media published news reports escape the Iraqi Central Bank of Iraq on his way to Switzerland, noting that the governor was left with him some important documents concerning the mysteries of the bank Antrziz

He said the source told Aswat al-Iraq that the governor's family lives in Switzerland and that he meet with her before heading to the United States to attend the consultations for the spring International Monetary Fund, "which will" discuss the Convention on the Stand."

The deep differences revolve in the corridors of the Iraqi government on the Iraqi Central Bank's policy of cash, and the party which has the right to manage, after charges of the Central Bank of mismanagement following the fluctuation of exchange rates and the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar in the local market.

For his part, replies central to the accusations by saying that the reason for the fluctuation of the Iraqi dinar is due to the sanctions imposed on Iran and Syria and the decline in exchange rates Ammelthma, and headed the Iraqi trader to re-export of goods to the two countries so that turned out to broker a trade led to an increase Altalbaaly dollar significantly, stressing at the same time The price volatility bubble will disappear gradually.

Central pointed out that the bank has procedures to ensure that dispel the bubble by searching on the students the real currency of the citizens to meet the Iraqi economy, and not ghosts and unknown, to give two conditions for asylum-buy dollars to achieve the sales process and are settling accounts tax and documents proving that the demand to cover the purposes of trade within Iraq.

Some political blocs and directed sharp criticism of the Iraqi government, accusing it of trying to acquire the Iraqi Central Bank reserves, estimated at $ 60 billion, and said that the cabinet face book to link the Central Council of Ministers instead of the House of Representatives.

Which was denied by the Iraqi government on Friday in the words of Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords Mohsen, who said that the general policies of the state functions of the federal government and monetary policies is part of the economic policies.

And the Keywords that reports of Supreme Audit I have twice control the Central Bank on the operations of foreign exchange, pointing to the existence of a fake involving smuggling organizer of money, and that the total amounts that have transformed over the past years out of Iraq amounted to (180) billion dollars and said the audits revealed that the bulk of them were not for the purposes of procurement.

Called upon the Iraqi bloc of free, on Friday, to open an investigation into the reports about the presence of breaches in the work of the Central Bank, called on the government to intervene in the event proved it.

This comes after directing the Council of Ministers, on 11 April, to form a committee to study the fluctuation of the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar, one day after the announcement of the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, that the Council will host bank governor Sinan Shabibi at a hearing to show the issue of the exchange rate of the dollar against Iraqi dinar , while the latter attributed the causes of rising to the weakness of domestic production and the weakness of the government's actions.

The Iraqi central bank held five meetings a week for buying and selling foreign currency, exchange rate of 1179 dinars per dollar, from 13 dinars including the commission on the sale of the coin.

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