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Thread: Bbob share price.

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    Bbob share price.

    Just look at the price BBOB are selling at,these are rock bottom prices,was intending to buy 50 mill. Of these just waiting on Warka opening my platform, hurry Warka FFS. Wankers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haggisbasher View Post
    ,,hurry Warka FFS. Wankers.
    I'll second that HB, Get the Lead Out Warka! Unfortunately I've never seen or heard of anythng in Iraq being done in a timely manner or with a sense of urgency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haggisbasher View Post
    Just look at the price BBOB are selling at,these are rock bottom prices
    Yes you are correct HB all stock prices have dropped significantly since we were first able to jump in on any of this. So to the peeps who are now miffed about Warka liquidations of "proxy" shares, its time to just get up, dust yourself off and begin again, and at these share prices it could be just as lucrative as before. The concept offered for such "proxy" share holdings, really can't have been expected to last forever. Yes, it was a sudden change of direction, but you had to see it coming someday.

    Warka was one of, if not the first to go out on a limb and make this opportunity to us all here happen. I don't exactly recall who originally here on the forums posted the info about any Warka opportunity, but I myself am grateful it was shared with us all here. Many of us here took it and ran with it, to be where we stand now. I am grateful Warka was able to find a path for us, as they took the initiative and risk, as much as we all did.

    Some may assume I am a fan (pumper) of Warka bank from my postings here. Yes, I am in a way, and that's only because its my only path now, as I myself no longer have the flexibility to change teams for another brokerage and I wish it to succeed.

    Based on the current events happening in Iraq there stands a good chance they will make a move. Its been assumed from the very beginning this would be a long term investment, so its been roughly 10 years for most of us here, that time frame would be considered "long term" in my book. I believe its time to see movement, and by that I mean positive movement.
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