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Thread: Dinar Trade is back in business online

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    Default Dinar Trade is back in business online

    News Flash:

    Dinar Trade is back in the market for buying and selling of Iraqi dinar and other currencies

    Being the prime market maker and industry leader since 2004 in the Iraqi Dinar, we believe that it is our duty and commitment to provide our customers with quality services and an array of investment opportunities so that you may get the most out of your investment.

    These exclusive, never before seen programs will change the way you invest in Iraq.

    Our first of many programs:
    New Guaranteed Dinar on Reserve

    Dinar Trade is now introducing the new Guaranteed Dinar on Reserve, which offers you the chance to leverage your investment with minimal risk.
    • Place your order on
    • Send in your 10% payment
    • If you opt not to pay the 90% you will still receive dinars equivalent to your 10% payment.
    Best wishes,

    Ali Agha
    D Trade Inc

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    Thanks for the scoop !!

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    makes sense and sounds legal.

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