Barzani: Iraq won't reach the F16 that Maliki and Washington does not oppose change

Sunday, 22 April 2012 19: 35 Twilight news/ launch of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani another attack on Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki saying he did not commit to any promise for Kurds, indicating at the same time that the territory that it refuses to recognize informed Washington of the F16 aircraft as long as Maliki in power.

It was Barzani had a foreign tour that included American and several States and met with senior officials and analysts said his visit aimed at urging Washington to reconsider on modern aircraft deal with Iraq.

Barzani was launched in March last year, criticized the "sharp" for Maliki and some politicians who accused them of trying to get the F16 planes for "hit" of Kurds.

Barzani said Sunday during a meeting with managers of media companies press day Kurdish Kurdish Administration informed it-during his recent visit to Kurds would not accept that the F16 planes are delivered to Iraq as long as Maliki is still in power.

Payment of Iraq in December last the first installment in the agreement to purchase the first batch of planes amounting to about three billion dollars.

Air Force Commander General Anwar Amin said late last year that his country planned to expand its fleet of aircraft in the near future and that it hopes to sign an agreement to buy a second set of f-16 planes by 2012.

He said Barzani, speaking to media organizations, including "twilight news" the Americans told him during his visit that they would oppose any change in Iraq, and said that this development in the interest of the Kurds.

Kurds opposed to Iraq's coalition — participants in government policies and they charge (with) him to pursue Maliki dictatorship.

A coalition of State law says that the F16 planes, which Iraq purchased is intended to defend Iraqi Kurds not to target.