23-04-2012 | (Voice of Iraq)
Baghdad — (PRNewswire)-(Yu Pei Yi)

Description of the Amiri Diwan Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah visit to Kurdistan region of Iraq that concluded yesterday that it was a success, and said it will open broad prospects and the «broad bilateral cooperation in diverse areas of economic and investment», «that the stability of Iraq is stable Kuwait».

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said Wednesday as he greeted Sheikh Nasser Sabah in Sulaymaniyah, on «the necessity of bilateral relations between the two countries, to ensure the best interests of the two fraternal peoples».

The Amiri Diwan Minister met earlier Friday President Massoud Barzani, Kurdistan, Iraq, where he was searching in the bilateral relations and ways of strengthening and met Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah during his visit to the territory, which lasted several days, a number of senior officials was in farewell yesterday Vice President of Kurdistan region Iraq kosrat Rasul Ali, who described the visit by Sheikh Nasser consolidate historical bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides.

Sheikh Nasser had earlier Saturday visited the Museum of the security service of the former regime in Sulaymaniyah and look closely at the brutal effects of the deposed regime insist in brutalizing the city in dungeons. also visited American University in Sulaymaniyah where he spoke with professors and students from Kuwait policy toward Iraq strategy, stressing that the stability of Iraq is «stable».

Kuwait Sheikh Nasser also visited on a number of museums and archaeological sites in medinhi Erbil and Sulaymaniyah where he impressed with the pieces, manuscripts, buildings not Invaluable and dating back to the era of the civilizations of Mesopotamia until the Umayyad era.

Sheikh Nasser arrived in Sulaymaniyah airport on 19 this month at the head of the delegation of brought both the Kuwait State Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq on the believer and the Minister's Office Managing Director Sheikh Hamad Khalid owner and Director of the Department of war veteran nation Council. addressed the media in Kurdistan and Kurdish-language television channels visited Sheikh Nasser with great interest because of the clear evidence of the interest of the State of Kuwait in the last page folding and strengthening bilateral relations with the fraternal Republic of Iraq.