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Economist is bad monetary policy Iraq Central Bank reveals conflicts of interests

Baghdad/news/may... Political economist counting cash in Iraq as one of the worst policies, calling on the World Bank to review, with the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank revealed a conflict of interests affecting monetary policy, said the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers that the past has seen billions of dollars from Iraq output.

Former Planning Minister Mahdi Al-Hafidh told/may news, that "monetary policy in Iraq are very poor and the World Bank reviewed", stating that "monetary policy of Iraq cannot continue with this situation, we cannot keep funds subject to looting."

Al-haafiz said that "corruption detection systems specialists to public opinion."

Hafez called on "World Bank to review this policy and establish a new mechanism relating to economic reform and banking in Iraq."

For his part, Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance that "a conflict of interests, the parties consider to self-interest and hurt others, pointing out that" the lesson not to speak but to build strong markets and institutions and build a promising future."

Saleh said "Iraq is at a crossroads in the presence of three markets in the region are lahtzazat large funds should not be dried because of these conflicts the country surrounding the" revealing "attempts to derail Iraq's foreign financing benefits."

In the same context, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on Al-Alaq "period past output large amounts of dollars from Iraq under the title foreign purchases and imports," he said, adding that "the Government does not have the problem of procurement as discovered in total such payments amounted to more than 180 billion dollars were converted did not actually have been transformed to import goods which means it came out for other purposes."

Al-Alaq explained that "the Iraqi Government demanded its offices business some ratifying States buy lists that are substantial amounts and arrived in one of the States to five billion by offering commercial attachee lists for the purpose of ratification" /finished/21.

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