Energy Commission: policy Ministry of oil return us to the days of the former regime


Baghdad/JD/... Oil and Energy Committee revealed parliamentary oil Ministry's lack of cooperation with the disclosure of information relating to crude oil produced in the region of Kurdistan, noting that the Ministry's policy is similar to the days of the former regime.

Member of the National Alliance Deputy Committee Uday Al-Awadi l/JD/"the oil Ministry is cooperating with the members of the Committee on oil and energy did not provide us with any information about Kurdistan oil."

Al-Awadi said "the Ministry deliberately not providing the Committee with information and will resort to interrogate" oil minister Abdel Karim of the House would "at a public meeting to clarify the policy of the Ministry".

Aloudayali pointed out that the policy of the Ministry of oil for returning us to the policy of the former regime, confirmed that the right of the Iraqi people know what totality in this Ministry and where go the wealth of this country."

Al-Awadi said that the Kurdistan Regional Government oil and Energy Committee was provided with information about their product and we expect oil information from the Ministry of oil to bring the viewpoints.

And member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary deputy from the National Alliance "that the Committee was awaiting information from the Ministry of oil to conform the Kurdistan information for study and scrutiny by members of the Committee and to the media to see what happens in the oil Ministry,". /finished/11 n