Arabic Summit and follow-up to current economic issues Baghdad-2012.

Date: Tuesday, 24-04-2012 07: 07 pm

Dr. Salam smism

The economic costs of Arab spring revolutions dramatically worsened the President as a result of significant financial revenue loss in oil revenue for Libya, add shrinking tax receipts for the rest of the Arabic countries, the loss of revenue as a result of damage to important sectors such as tourism and investment especially for Egypt and Tunisia.

Among the risks also high rates of unemployment in the region and Arabic up between the inhabitants of the region to 54%. Arabic peoples looking to spring an economic leadership of the banking sector and the private sector in a manner conducive to revive economies in Arabic

The most important and first steps reflect the operationalization of the Kuwait Economic Summit, and we hope that claimed in the Riyadh Summit next year in terms of completion of stages common Arabic market after 3 years from now, to establish an Arab market and central unified Arab currency before 2020.

Arabic Summit a number of economic issues diagnosed, already recognized in Kuwait, Sharm el-Sheikh summits RECs for completing procedures convert region free Arabic to a Customs Union, in addition to the three recommendations of the development strategy, endorsed by the Arab Ministers of finance and economy on tourism and its implementation mechanisms, and Arabic water security challenges and future requirements, and ways to reduce disaster risk.

It is known that Kuwait Summit discussed a series of economic issues, including Arab electricity interconnection project between eight Arab countries, the Arab draft d gas lines to six Arab States, and draft adoption regulations of maritime transport between Member States in the Arabic League, project support fund for small and medium-sized industries.

It is expected that economic issues, strategic interest in Arabic poles under the present political climate, political will is not yet available for integrating economic and Customs Union, the implementation of an ambitious economic development projects on strategic projects, in the areas of energy, water and food security, railway construction, and strengthen and develop economic relations and develop new phase before the Arabic region qualifies them in building an Arab economic bloc, unable to deal with the giant economic centres, contributes to addressing the issues of poverty and unemployment in the area is half of its population in poverty, and unemployment rates Highest descent, non-oil States suffer from chronic budget deficits and indebtedness high burden on Treasury and failing to achieve economic or social development project, and address issues of poverty and unemployment, which are direct causes that led to the explosion of popular revolutions in quite a few Arabic countries.

The political interests of the Arab system requires the establishment of an Arab economic bloc, and moving towards the implementation of the decisions of Kuwait, Sharm el-Sheikh summits.

Globalization of capitalism will not allow vulnerable economies remain, particularly in the light of the severe economic crises that hit the capitalist system, and the expanding role of emerging economies in the world economy, is no longer a justification for the existence of Arabic summits,

Foundation University Arabic if make a concrete step towards the economic bloc that shields the Arab system, protects the quality of popular revolutions which overturned a number of Arab heads of State, will not stop popular mobility only to achieve national goals of freedom and democracy and civilian nation-building and the achievement of the national dignity of Arab human, labour, health and education For all.

The Arab system could learn from the experiences of others, economic interests between the States collected «Brix «distributed between four continents formed together economically: China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa,

these States don't links geographical or national or religious, link only collects as States "emerging economies", which seeks to improve competitiveness, the group is expected to announce the creation of the «Brix «Bank joint development along the lines of the Bank.

To mobilize resources for infrastructure development and provision of loans to poor countries and to promote development and reduce poverty.

Useful to reiterate that distinguish countries Arabic oil not strongly, but being a productive economy to an article constitute the lifeblood of the global economy, GDP countries combined Arabic does not constitute the size of GDP rising industrial State such as Brazil with the difference that the Arab economy produces economy dependent on extracting and selling oil and gas, phosphates and other.

It is worth mentioning that the Arabic economic and Development Summit in Kuwait concluded a general statement to avoid contentious points related to the Gaza Strip after reports of deep variations in views prevented Arab Foreign Ministers reach an agreed statement, with the adoption of the Declaration of the Kuwait economic and social development.

Economic strategies included: Arabic tourism strategy and its implementation mechanisms, and disaster risk reduction strategy, the strategy for water security in the Arab world.

There is also a range of important subjects that occupy an important aspect of the reality of Arabic economic relations consolidated Convention to invest capital in Arabic.

This Convention was signed in 1981, and is supposed to reflect the promotion and operationalization of international economic developments.

The other theme is Arab financial security and its relationship to sustainable development.

Was approved by the economic and Social Council, in addition to Arabic strategic theme of disaster reduction.

This strategy was endorsed by the specialized administrative councils.

There is a fundamental and important item is the follow-up to the audit of economic summits resolutions Arabic first Kuwait 2009 Arabic administrative economic summit Sharm el-Sheikh 2011.

These summits resolutions issued an important and fundamental part of them have been implemented and will be pursued as well.

Without forgetting that there are other fundamental topics such as monitoring Arab electricity and rail projects and sustainable development efforts and the relationship with international economic groupings, particularly emerging economies, such as Russia and China and the States of South America, still awaiting activation.

The success of the Summit of the economic and social domain associated with the strategies adopted by the Summit Baghdad, Arab kings and Presidents authentication is a great achievement and accomplishment and implementation follow-up, on the other hand.

Don't forget to factor in the economy played a major role in Tunisia's Arab spring revolutions and Egypt and Libya and Yemen and Syria, including unemployment and low levels of income and the decline in health status.

In addition, a large number of States, mostly Arabic or taken the last ranks international competitiveness issue.

These aspects have stimulated interest in the Baghdad Summit economic aspect.

And it is natural and realistic draft work of the University for the years to come, depending on the subject of cooperation in a common Arabic market.

It is an important report presented to the Summit on what has been done to achieve Customs Union, as the remarks indicate that the University plans to reach common Arabic market by 2020.

Arab leaders were briefed on completed phases of economic integration.

For its part the Commission stresses that the economy and investment representative convened a meeting of the Arab Ministers of economy and trade in Baghdad a chance to discuss Arab Iraqi trade file.,

also appeared in the press that the volume of trade between Iraq and Arabic countries in the lowest level, it must consider the volume of trade seriously and be activated this aspect.

What Kuwait Declaration included? 2009?

For economic theme, he acknowledged all the recommendations reached on the face of the global financial crisis and its aftermath, and to support the Arab Fund for economic development after raising its capital to two billion dollars.

The statement included the Kuwait Declaration named «» confirm Summit participants to implement policies aimed at raising the standard of living of Arab citizens, and activate the foundations of joint Arab action, and combat unemployment, illiteracy and raise the level of education and emphasis on the question of economic integration and the establishment of a network of roads contribute to intraregional investments in pay between the Arabic States, and strengthening the role of the private sector and the businessmen of small and medium entrepreneurs.

The Summit also approved a recommendation to complete all legal and political foundations associated with the formation of a Customs Union between the Arabic States as a base necessary to facilitate Arabic free trade agreement.

To install it on the agenda of the Economic Summit, Arabic and held summits every two years, will host the next Summit in Egypt.

And the economic and Social Council decided in Arabic University set up a Ministerial Committee to follow up the implementation of the resolutions of the Arab Summit Kuwait economic, with Economic Ministers of the States members of the troika Summit: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and representative of the Maghreb Union States and Arabic League.

And controlled economic summit resolutions and how to implement them on the session meetings of the Council at the level of the 83 Ministers

As regards Customs Union, confirmed by the Arab leaders need great efforts so that the completion of the work and submitted to Arab leaders during the period specified by them for completion by 2015

Arab action in future phases requires to be standing and transparency boldness in decision-making, leading to the development of joint Arab economic action

And to make it possible to remove the remaining obstacles to the free trade zone and Arabic deregulation to Arab businessmen and money requires work strenuously to remove and open markets for goods and services and provide facilities for businessmen, especially in these circumstances and the international political and economic variables and regional repercussions on the region reflected Arabic seriously.

The success of Arabic economic summit r and come up with resolutions that contribute to improving the lives of Arab citizens. follow-up to and implementation of the resolutions by all States because failure to provide Arabic all facilities for implementation of Summit decisions impeding the full implementation of those resolutions.

Negative effects, particularly with respect to the global financial crisis and its repercussions and the need for continued policy in Arabic countries to reduce their repercussions on the economies in Arabic.

The necessity of revitalizing and restructuring the Council, where through the Arabic League commissioned a study to develop the Council, its mechanisms, as supervisor of the specialized ministerial councils and Arab action organizations consistent with the Council the task of the implementation mechanisms of the Kuwait Summit decisions.

That implementation rested with Governments should activate work Arabic and its mechanisms represent the need to intensify participation in Arabic economic and social commissions of the Council.

The implementation of the decisions of economic summits is the basic task of the Economic Council at the present stage

Special and particularly with regard to investment and investment relations reality Arabic so you can play a role in the settlement and settlement of investment disputes between small and medium-sized businessmen

Other strategies:

Arabic tourism strategy and its implementation mechanisms, and water security strategy in the Arabic region to meet the challenges and future requirements for sustainable development, and strategic Arabic for disaster risk reduction, and preparations for the Arab Conference on the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (2012), and the Declaration of the fourth high-level Arab Conference on the rights of the child (Marrakesh 2010).

Many of the issues that concern the joint Arab economic cooperation as a major Arabic free trade area and the Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, founded in Kuwait Summit initiative and ways to strengthen benefit Arabic from this Fund.

Joint Arab investment and enhance Arab trade and integration, greater attention and priority to economic relations and investment aspects of Arabic in commercial form which reduces the impact of volatility and global economic crises on the economies of States, develop ways of Arabic to overcome the crisis quickly and cheaper, build perceptions of practical and effective in joint Arab action in order to avoid the effects of global crises, or at least reducing their impact on the Arabic States.

And the Palestinian delegation, headed by the Deputy Ministry of national economy abdelhafiz Nofal ECOSOC preparatory summit Baghdad, which held its work in Baghdad that Palestinian economic file prepared by the Palestinian national authority for discussion at the meeting of the economic and Social Council to the University Council meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers, in preparation for submission to the Summit agenda in Arabic to the twenty-ninth month,

definitely demands this file to previous resolutions which invited Arabic summits in a series of decisions to Support the budget of the Palestinian national authority by main components ($55 million monthly support and safety net $100 million),

and the Gaza Strip reconstruction programmes, programmes supporting the steadfastness of Jerusalem and strengthening the steadfastness of its people, and the emphasis on the decisions of previous summits in Arabic to the Palestinian cause.

And the talk link inshallah.

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