Berwari: formation of regions a constitutional right and the Kurdistan Alliance stand by composition

2012-04-24 19:50:02

Baghdad (IBA)...
Counting just the Kurdistan Alliance leadership that the formation of territories that Berwari is a constitutional right and the Coalition since the outset stands alongside the formation of these territories.

Berwari said in a statement to the independent press agency (EPA) ... The Iraqi Constitution emphasized the formation of territories where the legal material on this side, he said, adding that no province has the right to request the formation of territory since signed up this demand 10% of their sons.

He explained that the law on the formation of territories still disagreements in the corridors of the Council of Ministers and Parliament, saying that the request for the formation of territory constitutional right after submission of the request to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Berwari said that the Kurdistan Alliance stood by the formation of territories from the outset because his attitude clear on this issue. (Finally)

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