Allawi's movement: Iran continues to steal oil and smuggling currency flag Baghdad

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 15: 49

Twilight news / warned the Iraqi national accord movement led by the Iraqi list, Iyad Allawi, Tuesday, Iran continued to "stealing" oil and smuggling currency drying Headwater of Iraq, the Iraqi Government accused it of "aware" of what was happening, she called on the international community to prevent such violations of the Iraqi people.

A statement from the Iraqi national accord movement received "
twilight news" copy that "Iranian interference in the Affairs of Iraq and ongoing at all levels concerning Iraqi reality, and if these interventions are under cover, especially in foreign policy and security, but it exposed and obvious abuse of the Iraqi economy in particular, and the eyes of the world".

The statement said that "after that stolen (Iran) Iraqi oil wells in the humour and along the border of Iran with Iraq in public, followed by constantly smuggling programmed which tarnished the economic situation in General and Iraq in particular income."

The statement charged that "Iran has dry the headwaters of river óæíïçä in harming the Iraqi economy, despite being a major source of livelihood for many residents of border villages, not only this but the throw-drying water, wastes and residues, quickly, which suspected of containing chemical or nuclear waste to cite from yellow water color and funny".

"This water (contaminated) had caused the River killed fish and aquatic add to the impossibility of agriculture in areas where the River pours it on the marshes and the black-eyed slasher".

The statement described "blood oil" that "Iraq" and "being in his veins, water and agriculture is the life of this earth", pointing out that "Iran today with the Iraqi Government and local governments in the border, is an attempt to harm the Iraqi people through the absorption of blood and pieces of his properties", according to the statement.

The statement called for "civil society organizations, and the food and agriculture organizations, and human rights in particular, and the international community in General, to intervene to prevent this catastrophe on the lives of the people of the oldest peoples of Earth civilization paper."