The Iraqi bank of Commerce Announces high rate of resource allocation and structure has confirmed


Baghdad/JD/... Iraqi Trade Bank denied claims by some staff of government departments in completing transactions obstacles, an ideological one has restructured to develop the nature of his work, recorded an increase in resource allocation.

Director Agency and Chairman of the Board dry statement hamdiya Mahmoud received/JD/copy, the Iraqi bank of Commerce issued during the first quarter of the current year, 333 depending webakiam exceeded three billion and $1.5 billion, marking an increase of 8% from the first quarter of last year."

Dry said that "1.6 credits issued by the Bank since its inception in 2003 until now bypassed the barrier of 50 billion dollars", noting that "such a level of 1.6 to appropriations cannot be achieved under the constraints in the process of banking".

Dry said that "Bank accomplished advanced stages of restoring structure to develop and modernize its work generally."

And dry that hinted this development in the work of the Bank dismissed allegations by some staff members of government departments, there are some obstacles in completing their transactions, including the issuance of LCS. Invited insist through dry: both face any obstacles in delivery issued credits or any other transaction of public or private, to review the overall management of the Bank to prove his claim, so that the Bank take necessary actions and Annie. /finished/22