Oman oil invest in oil wells in Iraq

Date: Thursday, 26-04-2012 12: 42 am
Baghdad-by-Mustafa al-Hashimi

Omanoil said Oman oil that it intends to dig 3-5 thousand oil wells in Iraq over the next five years, architect Anwar Suleiman Al-kharusi (citizen) on the sidelines of the Forum and exhibition energy II at Baghdad college sports to omanoil governmental company owned by the Sultanate of Oman we are in Iraq to study investment opportunities in the oil sector.

He met with a number of Iraqi figures to crystallize our thoughts to joint ventures between Iraq and Sultanate Oman.

Noting that this first visit Iraq where we were in the process of development of company Oman previously had opportunity to enter Iraq to invest because of security conditions.

pointing out that the company invests in Kazakhstan and now entered to Iraq's exploration and production and aspire balastthmaran by certain formula partnership with companies located in Iraq or with the Ministry of oil.

Stating that our company includes company drilling works to coordinate with the Iraqi drilling company for drilling because we learned that Iraq needed to dig 3-5 thousand oil wells in the next five years and have 12 excavator is suitable for drilling oil wells in Iraq.

noted that Oman oil took part in the exhibition energy Pavilion token definition for activity of the company and its potential and abilities available to work in Iraq.

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