ECLAC: will the dinar (1166) versus the dollar

Date: Wednesday, 25-04-2012 06: 18 pm
Baghdad. '

The parliamentary Economic Committee decision expected Attorney mohama Khalil, restore normal Iraqi dinars during the period ahead, after necessary actions taken by monetary policy, bringing the price to (1166) dinars to the dollar.

Khalil (newsletter) and monetary policy of the Central Bank have taken necessary measures to return the Iraqi dinar to normal for a certain price stability to the dollar, since the dollar continued to rise against the dinar will lead to significant economic problems, such as increased prices in local markets and rising inflation rates in the country.

Khalil said that the Committee called for the Central Bank and the Federal Government to take the necessary measures needed to salvage Iraq currency from degradation to hard currencies, such as the control of smuggling currency to neighbouring States, or take scientific ways to sell hard currency in Central auction, expressing optimism that the return of Iraqi dinar to normal price 49.62 (1166) dinars for one dollar.

This testifies to the US dollar soared and unprecedented in its value before the Iraqi dinar, so dollar exchange rate (1300) Iraqi dinars, after the Governor on its price for long b (1170) dinars for one dollar, generating great economic circles fear constantly increase its price and direct impact on Iraq's economy.

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