Sadr reach Arbil, Barzani received

26/04/2012 15:55

Erbil 26 April (aknews) – the leader of the sadrist arrived Sadr earlier to Arbil for talks with senior officials of Al-Kurd on the country's political crisis.

And chest via airport Erbil arrived and was received by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, nechirvan Barzani, the head of Government and other officials.

Cabinet Chief Fuad Hussein Kurdistan Kurdistan News Agency (aknews) "this historic visit. It aims to promote relations between the Kurds and their comrades. "

Kurd says that visit the chest to Erbil to take steps designed to "stop dictatorship" led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Sadr says that the Sadr does not exhibit the initiative to resolve the political crisis during a visit to Arbil but to find a way out of the political crisis in the country.

Barzani comes within the framework of the endeavour moves to end political crisis in the country since the formation of the Iraqi Government in late 2010 led by Al-Maliki.

Sadr called on his supporters to unite recently and speak if they wished in the formation of a Government headed by the stream.

The country is experiencing since months an unprecedented political crisis over Iraqi version crack arrest warrant against Deputy President Tariq al-Hashimi who Kurdistan which also led to tension in relations between the Federal Government and the territory.

Maliki says the accusations against al-Hashimi addressed the judiciary but analysts argue that widening crisis may herald a collapse of the coalition Government headed by Al-Maliki and involving Al-Kurd, Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

Increased breadth of disagreement between Arbil and Baghdad when said Exxon Mobil Oil it signed an agreement to develop the oil fields in Kurdistan which is deemed illegal by the Federal Government, which prompted authorities in Erbil to halt oil exports because Baghdad failed to pay payments to companies.

In March last year under attack on Al-Maliki said Barzani, the Kurdish alliance with Shiite sadrist and the Supreme Council is a sign that the Al-Kurd were allies with the Dawa party, which is led by Al-Maliki.

From: Yassin Al-Rubaie. Pen: Morteza Al Yousef