Chalabi: Turkish companies still dominate in Kurdistan

26/04/2012 18:41

Erbil 26 April (aknews) – Minister of industry and commerce in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Sinan Chalabi no company ever compete or confront Turkish firms in the area of contracting and construction in the region.

And relocation of Turkey today about Chalabi was quoted as saying that "the number of Turkish firms in the territory was between 480-490 in 2009, that number had risen to 1020 during 2011 after assuming the post of Minister of industry and trade in the region, noting that during the past three years found nearly 25 Turkish company per month in the territory".

He added that Turkish companies share between foreign companies operating in the territory amounted to 52.7%, adding that Iranian companies are the second most numerous foreign companies in Kurdistan after Turkish companies.

Chalabi said that "Turkish companies doing business with high quality and in time relatively cheaply compared to other companies in contracting, construction in particular."