Wednesday, April 25, 2012 18: 40

Korean Ambassador Al-khuzai: opportunity perfect for entering companies to invest in Iraq

Baghdad/news/may... Vice President khudair Al-khuzai, that Iraq is stable steady and opportunity perfect for entering the corporate world to invest in Korea showed interest in the investment market.

Al-khuzai said in a statement issued by his Office on the sidelines of the meeting, the South Korean Ambassador in Baghdad Hyun Myung Kim and received/may news copy, that "Iraq today at its best, this is the perfect opportunity to enter the corporate world for investment."

Al-khuzai said that "Iraq aspires to build better relations with the States of the region and the world, particularly with Korea".

His price for Korean Ambassador Iraqi Government successes on diplomatic and security in hosting the Summit and readiness to host a meeting of Arabic six States and Iran nuclear file".

Korean Ambassador said his Government's desire to forge better relations with Iraq and its desire to enter the Iraqi market for investment", //21/or ended.