Serbia open proceedings are terminated its Consulate in Arbil

26/04/2012 08:27
Baghdad, 26 April (aknews) – the Serbian Embassy in Baghdad on Thursday, that it had completed its proceedings with the Kurdistan Regional Government to open Consulate in Arbil, saying that building have been identified and will be opened over the next few months.

Serbian Ambassador to Baghdad Kurdistan agency radisav betrovig News (aknews) that "our Embassy concluded talks with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil on opening our Consulate," he said, adding that "the Iraqi and Serbian parties agree to open Consulate."

Betrovig said that "all actions have been completed leaving only simple routines", stating that "in the next few months because the Consulate will be opened to locate the building from us we are awaiting approval by the Serbian Government."

He stressed that "the Serbian Embassy processed all documents to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq."

Several States moved quickly to open fetag in Kurdistan during the past few years after the development in various sectors as well as investment opportunities available, taking advantage of the stable security situation.

The number of representations of foreign States in the territory 23 including in Germany and Jordan Egypt and Turkey and Iran and Britain and the USA.

The Kurdistan Regional Government in Germany in a number of States, notably the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Sweden and Australia, Austria and Sweden.

No break of relations between Iraq and Serbia since 1985, many Serbian companies still operating in the country in various sectors.

From: weighs Al-shammari. En: Abdullah Sabri