27/04/2012 16:15:00 Baghdad / NINA /-- Spokesman for the Iraqiya Slate MP, Haydar Mullah said : '' Abstention by Minister of the High Education and Scientific research Ali al-Adeeb to attend the questioning session by the parliament scheduled for the fifth of next May would pave the way to withdraw confidence from him .

He told NINA today: " The absence of al-Adeeb will confirm the charges against him and pave the way for the withdrawal of confidence from him.
Al-Adeeb is accused by Iraqiya Slate of moving professors from universities along sectarian lines and arbitrary in the application of accountability and justice law , as well as of committing administrate violations by allocating fake functional degrees moreover of politicization of the Iraqi universities.

A spokesman for the Ministry of High Education Qassim Mohammed Jabbar said in 22nd of this month that al-Adeeb would not attend the hearing because the interrogation is illegal, he said.