Administrator as pink: isolating oil independence is compromised file and the referendum will not return all conflicting regions to Kurdistan

Friday, 27 April 2012 08: 48

Twilight news/ territorial Minister for disputed areas in Kurdistan region Government, Friday, that Arbil oil file dimensions on issues relating to tackling the problem of the disputed areas with Baghdad, said Kurds want to oil-rich areas for "the independence of the State".

Mohammad Ahsan told WordPress to "
twilight news," solving the problem of the disputed areas with the Federal Government requires us to keep oil file on this subject so as not to allegedly Kurds want to recover these areas because of oil".

Ahsan said that "there are those who argue that the Kurds want to oil-rich areas even boarding as a State as pink", stressing that "this is not true, because the Kurdish leadership, volition, chose to be part of a federal democratic Iraq respectful of the Constitution".

Ahsan said that "vision for Kurds to resolve disputed areas are application of article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution," that "the main problem in Kirkuk."

Ahsan said that "Kirkuk fraction of disputed areas", noting that "there are other regions within this concept, start of Sinjar and sheikhan and Piper and as a full province of Kirkuk and not their position, Khanaqin and Mandali, Badrah either wegsan it wit full localization policy, after completely evacuated of its indigenous population".

Ahsan said that "the referendum would not return to Kurdistan all disputed areas," adding that "there are areas will not return to the territory because it was no longer as originally stated, there are certainly areas that Kurds will be high, and the other 50 ratios."

The Iraqi Constitution article 140 addresses the issue of the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil, three stages, beginning with the normalization and in statistics and ending with their referendum to determine their fate either joining Erbil or stay within federal authority in Baghdad.