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Iraq receives first batch of F16s early 2014

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Sikandar and blueberry, Vice-Chairman of the Commission on security and defence in Parliament that Iraq will receive early 2014 first deal with 24 aircraft within 36 aircraft had been ordered from the United States.

During the rule of Saddam Hussein the Iraqi air force was among the biggest weapons in the region and includes hundreds of Soviet-made aircraft. Saddam's army was dissolved after 2003.

In July compounded by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki the number of aircraft which Iraq intends to purchase at the outset in order to strengthen air force which had been neglected for a long time the country adopted the American air support.

Tut said Iskandar, the Vice-Chairperson of the Committee on security and defence in Parliament that the first 24 aircraft will form two squadrons in the air force.
He said that Iraq intends to acquire tut more sophisticated equipment from neighboring countries.

He said Iraq would seek to buy more aircraft in the future. And trained pilots already led new F16.

Some neighbors of Iraq and President of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said they felt anxiety to acquire these aircraft Baghdad.

Barzani said last week that he felt that the future of Kurdistan faces a serious danger because Maliki that he should not have F16s.

And between the Central Government and the Kurdish region long disagreements about the autonomy and rights of oil and disputed territories.

But these fears saying dismissed tut to Reuters that the purpose of the purchase of the aircraft is to defend Iraq.