Export more than 1,400 Iranian cars to Iraq

Date: Wednesday, 02-05-2012 06: 29 am

Iranian company site to manufacture cars for export more than 1,400 car Saipa types to wetiba Iraq since the beginning of the year, with drew to export some 2,400 pieces of spare parts for these cars to Iraq and Venezuela during the same period.

According to "news" site of SAIPA group Saipa automobile manufacturing, "Saipa Corporation issued since the beginning of the year approximately 1395 car Saipa and 85 car tepa to Iraq, adding that" company site also issued a spare engines to 2,048 alsaipa in Iraq, as well as issued 400 pieces of spare parts for cars alsaipa to Venezuela, "an Iranian news agencies, (5 March 2012) that Iran exported to Iraq during the past Iranian year, which ended on 21 March past at least 18,000 Passenger car worth about 100 million dollars, with drew that Iraq ranked first on the list of States importing Iranian cars.

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