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Thread: Warka Interest deposited to accounts

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    so this is good news and bad news, ...........

    yes its good Mr. I responded in record time
    yes its good they are posting interest
    not good is that they boinked up thier web site with an obsolete schedule of fees
    not good that they will not make good on their error and credit us with the interest shown as advertised all this time

    I guess those days of 20% CD's are long gone now as well aye?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyfrank View Post
    I guess those days of 20% CD's are long gone now as well aye?
    lol yeah those days are long gone. My last cd matured in late 2015 and it was only 7% I believe. I think it was 7% for last couple years that cd's were offered.

    In march this year Mr Issa told me that CD's would be available again at the start of june but couldn't say at what interest rate. And we can see now they aren't available yet,,,,so we're still waiting,,,,for that and more,,,,

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