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Thread: Balance Inquiry in ISX at Home 08-10-2018

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    Al-Warka Bank Mr. Saad al-Bunnia We are giving you a chance to make good profits because once the country has returned to normal and foreigners can buy shares, believe me, nobody will be able to grab a handful of shares.
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    $50 a month service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will-it-happen? View Post
    $50 a month service
    $50 a month is the grand deluxe package, there is the budget $12 per month plan as well. I would think this fee would easily be offset by a one or two dinar up tick in any stock prices, especially if you hold any Bagdad soft drink ( IBSD ). The others being they are mostly at rock bottom value already.

    How does this fee structure compare to the similar service Al Kamal offers? as it appears to be a very similar software package

    if anyone should sign up from here, I would be interested to know if you would have to provide them with what you believe your all current portfolio data might be, or if you just provided your name, broker name and or ISX identity, would they be able to populate the data based on what they should already hold on record ?
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